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Join the advisory board 
Make your voice heard

Have innovative ideas for Downtown Aberdeen? Have a calling to become a leader in your area? Want to have an influential voice for your community? Apply for a seat on our Downtown Aberdeen Advisory Board (DAAB)!


The DAAB serves as an advisor to the Town’s Board of Commissioners (BOC). The DAAB will be the champions for Downtown Aberdeen’s mission of making our urban core a vibrant destination in our region. Some of the board’s purposes are:


  • Advise, deliberate and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners to help facilitate the implementation of the Downtown Streetscape Masterplan Plan;

  • Serve to support economic development efforts, and the marketing and promotion of downtown;

  • Identify appropriate uses for downtown and identify developers/investors for downtown development;

  • Recommend to the Board of Commissioner an overall policy for the continued development and sustainability of downtown;

  • Develop financial tools for downtown development;

  • Promote and facilitate the improvement of downtown infrastructure, including water, public safety, parks, parking, transportation, utilities, sidewalks, sewer, and streetscape;

  • Promote and facilitate a program to assist in business retention in the downtown;

  • Promote and facilitate a marketing program to increase sales, visitors, and awareness of downtown;

  • Provide the Board of Commissioners with representative community participation in preparing and implementing plans and reports concerning the development of downtown;

  • Promote, facilitate, and act as liaison to catalytic developments significantly affecting the downtown area; 

  • Promote and support downtown as a special event location.

  • Encourage the historic preservation, protection and use of Aberdeen’s downtown area.


For more information, click here to view the DAAB’s By-Laws and/or contact Lisa Brosnan at:  – 910.944.7024


To apply, fill out a Board Nomination Form and Committee Preference Form. Submission details are included in each document.

Board nomination / application 
Committee appplication
Join A work committee 
Make a difference in your community 

Want to get involved but don’t have quite enough time for a commitment to a board? Join one of our three task committees! There are three different groups so one of them is sure to fit an area you are passionate about.


Details on each committee include:

Creative Entrepreneur Recruitment Committee

  • Goal – Gain a working knowledge about Downtown Aberdeen’s creative entrepreneurs, potential recruits, and best sustainability methods

  • Objective – Develop a vast understanding of Downtown Aberdeen’s customer base through demographic/demographic market analysis

  • Example Action Items-

    • Identify and establish partnerships with small business agencies

    • Develop resources and funding options to retain, expand and recruit creative entrepreneurs

    • Develop an inventory of the diverse goods and services offered by current successful entrepreneurs

    • Nominate annual volunteer awards and conduct recognition affairs

    • Maintain wayfinding sign program

    • Develop new business “assistance” document database

    • Zip code surveys  


Home Décor & Design Committee

  • Goal – Establish a baseline of the impact and draw that home décor and design has for Downtown Aberdeen

  • Objective – Develop a vast understanding of foot traffic generated for home décor and design in the downtown area

  • Example Action Items-

    • Conduct a networking effort to determine home décor and design trends

    • Promote educational home décor and design workshops within existing businesses

    • Promote Façade Grant Program

    • Conduct a holiday window display event

    • Create a list of potential home décor and design businesses in the region and develop plans for recruitment

    • Zip code surveys


Arts & Culture Committee

  • Goal – Market and promote downtown as a thriving arts community with diverse musical venues

  • Objective – Grow downtown businesses that connect to the existing arts and musical variety

  • Example Action Items-

    • Identify and implement partnership opportunities between local, regional and statewide arts/music organizations

    • Develop and promote online presence

    • Identify appropriate spaces for arts and musical venues

    • Expand and create unique cultural events

    • Conduct an assessment of physical conditions


To join, fill out a Committee Preference Form. Submission details are included in the document document.

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